Rob Bencini Bio


Rob was born and raised in High Point, NC and earned his BS in Business Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill and MBA from East Carolina University.  His broad business background includes experience in manufacturing, sales and management, non-profit development and leadership, local government management and economic development.

He became Guilford County, NC government’s first Economic Developer, transitioning from standard economic development in business retention and recruitment to a talent-based emphasis over his career.  Individual highlights:

Certified Economic Developer (CEcD)

North Carolina Municipal/County Administration Course Alumni Association President (UNC School of Government)


Book:              “Pardon the Disruption. The Future You Never Saw                                         Coming” 2013. Wasteland Press

Articles:           The End of the Mediocre Private College

Say Goodbye to News at 6:00

Governments Confront Their Pension Deficit Disorder

What Does Moore’s Law Mean to the Rest of Society?

System of Regional Partnerships Needs a Paradigm Shift

The Last Days of the Economic Development Regional                                    Partnerships


“The Three Great Myths of Economic Development”

The Impact of Current Trends on the Future of Local                                     Government

What Does Moore’s Law Mean to the Rest of Society?

Trends in Economic Development

Plans and Policies:

“Triad Tomorrow” The Comprehensive Economic                                          Development  Strategy (CEDS) for the Piedmont Triad                                    Regional Council (12 counties; 1.6 million population).                                  Adopted February, 2014

Guilford County Economic Development Strategic Plan

Guilford County Economic Development Policy

Guilford County Green Plan


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